What Are Career Communities?

Exploring Majors and Careers

Choosing a major can be a confusing and overwhelming process.  University Career Services supports undecided students by providing resources, programs and individual career counseling.  Our focus is to help you with the important process of self-assessment and exploration. 

Whether you see your major as the means to a particular career or simply as an interesting plan of coursework, you will benefit most if both your major and career are satisfying. Very few careers have a single, set path that you must follow, and, conversely, any degree can lead to a variety of careers.

Ideally, you should be considering majors from the time you enroll at SJU. At the latest, choose a major in your sophomore year and pursue internships and other experiential opportunities in order to test your long-term career options. To learn more about what you can do with your major, visit St. John’s Signon, click on Resources, then Career Services and Career Assessment Tools (Explore your major: What can I do with this major?).

St. John’s Career Services under ‘Company’ is the office group open to to St. John’s University students and alumni. It offers students and alumni the opportunity to receive advice and gain career insight from alumni who love St. John’s University as much as they do.

We recommend that you make an appointment with your Career Advisor, to assist you with your career development needs.

Career Communities

Embark on a journey of professional discovery with Career Communities, your gateway to industry-focused networks and resources.

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