Explore Your Interests

Exploring Majors and Careers

Choosing a major can be a confusing and overwhelming process.  University Career Services supports undecided students by providing resources, programs and individual career counseling.  Our focus is to help you with the important process of self-assessment and exploration.

How do I choose a major? What interests you?
Whether you see your major as the means to a particular career or simply as an interesting plan of coursework, you will benefit most if both your major and career are satisfying. Very few careers have a single, set path that you must follow, and, conversely, any degree can lead to a variety of careers.

When should I think about declaring a major? 
Ideally, you should be considering majors from the time you enroll at SJU. At the latest, choose a major in your sophomore year and pursue internships and other experiential opportunities in order to test your long-term career options.

In this section you will find a number of resources available to you as you explore your options for both your major and potential career paths.  If you want to schedule a meeting with an advisor, please log into Handshake. or contact us careers@stjohns.edu.


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